New York City Photos

Trip Journal

Departure date: 04/29/2018

New York City is such a bustling town with so much action right outside your hotel in Times Square. After we leave we’ll post pictures each day so you can look in on the fun we’re having.

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April 29, 2018- Sunday, A nice travel day, no traffic just open highway. Tonight we’re at the Hampton Inn in Maumee OH.

April 30, 2018 Monday Our first day of sightseeing, we broke up the ride with a stop and lunch at the Packard Museum. There cars are beautiful and are fully restored. Each car has an amazing history behind it. It’s a wonderful sunny day heading into Pennsylvania. Tonight we’ll be in New Jersey before heading into New York City tomorrow. At the hotel, we took the time to make signs for our upcoming trip to the Today Show. Watch us on Wednesday.

May 1, 2018 – Tuesday,  Traffic was heavy, but once in New York we picked up our guide and were on our way. We saw so many things, the Soup Nazi’s kitchen from the Seinfeld TV show. We walked through Central Park, Strawberry Fields, drove by Trump Tower, Tiffany’s and all shops on 5th Avenue.  We stopped for lunch at Grand Central Station. At Wall Street, the Stock Exchange and Federal Hall. A walk though a very historic cemetery and a visit to the 911 Memorial Park-we’ll visit the museum later. Next we took an exciting ride on the subway to Times Square where our bus was waiting at the hotel with all our luggage. Tonight we went to Aladdin-a fantastic show and it was a simple walk from the hotel through Times Square.

May 2, 2018 – Wednesday -Sunny and 80 degrees plus. It’s great.  We went to the Today Show and once again we were seen on the show. It is an amazing New York experience. Next Top of the Rock, the views are fantastic from the 70th floor in central Midtown. Lots of photos of the Empire State Building and Central Park. Free time the rest of the day. Some of our group were on the Hoda’s quiz segment in her show and others met Jimmy Fallon for a possible segment to be aired Friday night late show. Central Park, and so many possibilities of extra shows, boat tours, and shopping. For some of us having the hotel so close offered a friendly place to rest before attending more shows tonight.

May 3, 2018 – Thursday- It’s a sunny warm day. We stopped and toured the 911 Memorial Museum then boarded the boat to The Statue of Liberty. We had pictures then went inside the museum. Later we went Ellis Island for lunch and more tour time. Tonight we’ll stay at the Hampton Inn in Stroudsburg.

May 4, 2018 – Friday We’re continuing the drive home. We made an afternoon break at a winery in Berlin Ohio. It was a nice chance to stretch, taste some wine and have some crackers. Tonight we’re staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Holiday City Ohio.

May 5, 2018 – Saturday-Our New City tour comes to an end today. By noon we’ll have lunch in Janesville. We hope you enjoyed our photos, commentary and consider joining one of our tours in the future.

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