Departure date: 04/25/2019

There’s more to see and more to do. It’s a yearly event showcasing your favorite Branson Acts. A special show called the Music Showcase features key performers from some of Branson’s top shows giving everyone a sample of their main show. We’ll take in this show 2 days with different performers each day.Visit the links provided below to get previews of all that you will see. Plus 2 other shows and a trip to the College of the Ozarks!

4 days, 3 nights

Departing at convenient times:

LaCrosse / Onalaska Wisconsin 6:30 AM

Winona 7:00 AM,   Rochester Minnesota 8:00 AM

Other departures as needed.

Branson Music Fest 2019 Itinerary

Cost Per Person
Single Occupancy $685.00
Double Occupancy $550.00
Triple Occupancy $525.00
Quad Occupancy $500.00

Reservations: Call (800) 657-4677 or (507) 454-5677

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